Jul 11, 2020

How to clear your downloads folder Nov 13, 2018 How to Delete Downloads | Techwalla Click the Windows Explorer icon in your Taskbar or open your Windows Start Screen or Start Menu … Methods To Delete Downloads From Any Device The first step is to locate the files that you want to delete. In iOS you want don’t get to see all of your downloads in one location. You have to access the file that you want to delete using the application that is used to handle them. Once you have the file to view, all you have to do is swipe the file and delete option will become visible.

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Jan 29, 2020 · How to delete downloads on Android is one question many users have been asking. To address that, this post provides step-by-step instructions on how to remove downloads and free up space on Android tablets or smartphones.

To delete downloads, tap the Delete icon (at the top of the screen), checkmark the ones to delete, tap Delete (at the bottom of the screen), then Yes to confirm. To switch the download file sort criteria, tap Date, Name, or Size (at the upper-left corner of the screen).

So is there a better way to delete downloads on iPhone? The answer is, yes, there is an easy and quick way to delete downloads from iPhone. If you want to delete downloads iphone and erase all content/settings, here FoneEraser, one professional iPhone eraseris highly recommended to help you safely clean and delete everything on your iPhone forever. Where are my downloads? To see your downloads: Tap the Profile icon and then tap Downloads. Here you'll see downloads on your phone or tablet for all profiles. To play a download, tap the Play icon that appears on a download in your list of Downloads. To see more info, tap the name of the show or movie.