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With the news that CrashPlan is discontinuing its Home plan, Cloudwards.net has put together the best CrashPlan alternatives. Unlimited Personal. Unlimited GB Storage; 1-month plan $ 6.00 Backblaze vs. CrashPlan - Comparison of Cloud Backup Solutions Jan 08, 2020 CrashPlan vs Acronis Backup: Two Business Providers Fight CrashPlan’s versioning isn’t unlimited, but because you can set it to indefinitely keep file versions based on 15-minute increments, it might as well be.

NSave is a data backup/restore service offered by Information Technology Services for a small monthly fee-about what you pay for coffee. The NSave software is installed on your desktop and the backup/restores are done over a network connection to an ITS server.

CrashPlan Unlimited Family Plan Free 1 Year Subscription

CrashPlan features continuous minute-by-minute backup, unlimited online storage, custom backup scheduling, multiple backup sets, mobile file access on your iOS, Windows or Android device, enterprise-grape encryption, secure web restore, unlimited versions of your files, retain deleted files indefinitely, and no bandwidth throttling.

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