Trashed rc.conf on FreeBSD shows Read Only File System

Understanding VLAN Configuration on FreeBSD - genneko Until recently, I’ve never had a chance to use VLANs on FreeBSD hosts, though I sometimes configure them on ethernet switches. But when I was playing with vnet jails, I suddenly got interested in VLAN configuration on FreeBSD and experimented with it for some time. I wrote this short article to summarize my current understanding of how to configure VLANs on FreeBSD. What happened to rc.local in FreeBSD See the file and "man rc.conf" for many more options ; If you want to over-ride any of the values in this file, you need to create a file called /etc/rc.conf with your desired values. This file is *usually* created during FreeBSD's install and contain the ifconfig and hostname settings that you specify initially. FreeBSD VLAN Configuration - nixCraft Jun 21, 2009

Dec 11, 2017

How do I configure FreeBSD network card to enable Jumbo frames on all of my NIC for 1000 Mbps speed and make MTU configuration persistence? A. You can use standard FreeBSD ifconfig command to set Jumbo Frames i.e. set the Maximum Transport Unit (MTU) frame size above its default of 1500 bytes. The maximum MTU setting for Jumbo Frames is 16110. The file can then be distributed to every system using rsync or a similar program, while the rc.conf file remains unique. Upgrading the system using sysinstall (8) or make world will not overwrite the rc.conf file, so system configuration information will not be lost.

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Setting in FreeBSD 11.1 /etc/rc.conf getting reset Dec 11, 2017 HowTo: Install and setup MiniDLNA on FreeBSD