Feb 08, 2018

macos - Ethernet indicator in OSX menu bar - Ask Different Late to answer but still for those landing here looking for a Ethernet connectivity status icon in menu bar, check this macOS app Ethernet Status - The Missing LAN Status Bar Icon.It shows ethernet interface, IP Address and if interface is active via changing menu bar icon. Customizing the OS X Menu Bar - Computer Skills Envato Tuts+ Remember that when you update any applications with edited menu bar icons, those icons will revert to the default, so keep copies of both your original and new menu bar icons. Mac OS X System Items. It’s more or less the same process to change the Mac OS X system menu bar icons, but they can be … How to get Mac OS X finderbar for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Mar 09, 2016

Dec 14, 2017

Jun 07, 2017

‎Ethernet Status adds the missing icon in status bar to indicate the connection status of wired ethernet similar to WIFI icon. WIFI has an icon built in MacOS, but there is none for ethernet status. Bonus - Know IP address, network and device information in the dropdown menu. Key Features - 1. S…

Monitor System Usage Stats in Your Mac OS X Menu Bar « Mac MenuMeters, created by Alex Harper, adds CPU, storage, memory, and network usage stats right to your Mac OS X menu bar. Each type of meter is completely customizable and can be arranged any way you like. MenuMeters works for any computer running Mac