Apr 23, 2020

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Flushing DNS Cache on Ubuntu 16.04: On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, DNS cache is not enabled by default. But some applications like bind, dnsmasq, nscd etc. may cache it.. If you’re using nscd for caching DNS queries, then you can flush the DNS cache by simply restarting the nscd service.. You can restart the nscd service on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to flush DNS caches with the following command:

linux - Permanently change DNS settings in Ubuntu Server To get past DHCP hooks which overwrite the /etc/resolv.conf file on Ubuntu, you need to install the resolvconf package and manually edit its base configuration file with your appropriate nameserver or other DNS options in order to make changes permanent to system-wide resolv.conf file. How to change DNS ip address in RHEL - nixCraft Jan 03, 2019

Flush Ubuntu DNS Cache. Some Debian Linux like Ubuntu still uses systemd-resolve. This resolve is already built into the system in Ubuntu and it is being used for a lot of things by the operating system automatically without the user’s knowledge. Its already installed and set up in Ubuntu, the user just has to enter the command to flush the

Set custom DNS servers on Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 - Ricmedia