When redirect-gateway is used, OpenVPN clients will route DNS queries through the VPN, and the VPN server will need handle them. This can be accomplished by pushing a DNS server address to connecting clients which will replace their normal DNS server settings during the time that the VPN is active. For example: push "dhcp-option DNS"

Can you resolve the Remote Access/VPN server name to an IP address? In Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections, open the properties for your VPN Profile. The value in the General tab should be publicly resolvable through DNS. Can you access the VPN server from an external network? Troubleshooting when Avast SecureLine VPN for iOS is Troubleshooting when Avast SecureLine VPN for iOS is unable to connect to a VPN service. Normally Avast SecureLine VPN for iOS needs only a few seconds to connect to a VPN server. If it takes a long time to connect, or you cannot connect at all, it may indicate that your connection with the selected VPN server is under high traffic load, or the iPad unable to resolve private address ov… - Apple Community Jul 31, 2012 hosts file does not resolve to IP address - Networking Dec 17, 2013

5 Steps to make Cisco VPN Client work in Windows 10

Openvpn gui failed to connect

In effect, all the VPN traffic needs to find mobility.up.psu.edu in order to connect. If you attempt to use the VPN client to access an ITS Wireless location and receive this error, Reason 429: Unable to resolve server address, your laptop is unable to resolve mobility.up.psu.edu to its IP address.

Jan 03, 2014 Cisco VPN Client Reason 442 Windows 8 64-bit Fix - YouTube Dec 18, 2012 VPN was not configured successfully in Windows Server 2012 Now, this server has been configured with a custom domain name of remote.companydomain.com and externally this resolved no problems at all. But if I tried to ping that address or use nslookup on the essentials server to resolve the external DNS address that had been assigned to the server it failed. Then I realized what was going on. AgSci IT Tech Alerts: January 2009