Oct 13, 2012 · the latest version should be Ver1.0.04 (Build 1). you can go to the E3200 Support Page and go to the DOWNLOADS tab for the latest firmware. you may even get the firmware upgrade instructions from there. 0 Kudos

Linksys E3200 Router | Full Specifications Linksys E3200 Router | Full Specifications: Number of LAN ports: 4, Number of WAN ports: 4, USB: yes, Number of USB 2.0 ports: 1, Width: 170, Height: 25, Depth: 190 Best DD-WRT Linksys Open Source Ready Routers Mar 01, 2018 Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Linksys E3200 High Year 2013 - 2015 Linksys E3200 (Purchased Price @ 96.99 Tried to fix the problem following the instructions floating around on the net short of replacing the firmware with the third party firmware. Unable to fix it. Suspect it is an overheating issue. Tried put a cold pad on top the router.

How To: install Tomato Shibby on E3200 - TomatoUSB

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Linksys E3200 Firmware. Free Linksys E3200 Firmware. Update Linksys E3200 Firmware. Free Publisher: Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems Downloads: 113. Linksys e1200N300 wireless Router Firmware Dec 15, 2012 · Forum » Discussions / General » How To: install Tomato Shibby on E3200 Started by: angad16 Date: 15 Dec 2012 22:02 Number of posts: 20 RSS: New posts Summary: Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 23:46 Post subject: Linksys E3200 Firmware 1.0.05: I want to install DD-WRT on my Router Linksys E3200 with latest firmware 1.0.05 I've seen a bunch of indications on how to install but they are pretty confusing, so much people telling so much about that router that I don't know where to start. Router Model: Linksys E3200 Firmware Version: DD-WRT v3.0-r36698 mega (08/22/18) Kernel Version: Linux #3700 Wed Aug 22 02:47:32 CEST 2018 mips CPU CPU Model: Broadcom BCM5357 chip rev 2 CPU Clock: 500 MHz