Mar 29, 2019

Adjust Playback Settings in Netflix to Reduce Data Usage You can choose between Low, Medium, and High quality settings. Netflix estimates that at the highest quality, it will use up to 3 GB of data per hour. Netflix also streams some of its content in Ultra HD, or "4K", and that would use up to 7 GB of data per hour. The "Medium" setting would reduce data usage to 0.7 GB per hour, while still How to turn Captions on when viewing Netflix – CaptionSync Subtitle and caption settings must be adjusted from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch menu before they can be adjusted in the Netflix app. To adjust your settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: From the device home screen, select Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Select Subtitles & Captioning. Use the slider to enable Closed Captions + SDH:

Use parental controls on your child's iPhone, iPad and

Yes, it is possible to watch netflix on an iPad without having the netflix app open. Incase you don’t know how this works, you start watching the movie or show you want to watch and exit the app.

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I'm considering buying an 32GB 9.7" iPad but was wondering if a 64GB 10.5" iPad Pro is worth it if all I'm going to be doing is Netflix streaming during trips. The purpose for me wanting a tablet is so that I can stream Netflix through Wi-Fi when I'm bored on trips.