reate Directories on Linux Ubuntu: To create a new directory on your system, make use of the BASH (Bourne-Again Shell) command ‘mkdir’. mkdir is the most important shell command in Linux. By creating directories, you can keep your files and folders in an organized manner.

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The copy (cp) command only works for files. To copy a directory, you need to use the -r recursive flag: cp -r /var/log backup/log_dir_backup In this case, I was trying to copy the log directory to make a quick and dirty backup. This failed with a long list of “cannot open ‘file…’ for reading: Permission denied” errors. Apr 02, 2012 · Linux Change Default User Home Directory While Adding A New User How to copy a single file to multiple directories in Linux or Unix How to create tar.gz file in Linux using command line Apr 26, 2020 · I am using Ubuntu 20.04 in this tutorial. The steps may or may not vary for other Ubuntu versions. Add the files and folders to the “Desktop folder” If you open the file manager, you should see an entry called Desktop in the left sidebar or in the folders list. This folder represents your desktop screen (in a way). Feb 14, 2017 · Splitting my / and my /home folders was the best thing I have done so far. I have a 128GB Samsung 840 pro. While it is big enough to download a lot of data, I eventually have to move and sort the data onto a larger hard disk. Unfortunately, ubuntu didn’t like my wireless card for several release versions. Your /var directory has filled up and you are left with with no free disk space available. This is a typical scenario which can be easily fixed by mounting your /var directory on different partition. Let's get started by attaching new storage, partitioning and creating a desired file system. Create a .tar file with the distribution to move using wsl.exe --export. wsl.exe --export For instance, to export an Ubuntu distribution, you can use. C:\> wsl.exe --export Ubuntu c:\data\ubuntu.tar 2. Import the distribution into the target folder. Then, you can import the exported distribution into another folder Ubuntu Linux installation and usage tips. Not only can you change your desktop folder, you can change the location of any other folder Ubuntu creates for you in your home folder, like Documents or Music – and this works in any Linux distribution using the Gnome desktop manager.