Best Presentation skills and Tech skills and practices for Video Conferencing - Zoom, Skype, WebEX and Google Hangouts. Become an effective communicator and leader in all your online video meetings, conferences, and webinars. Teleconferencing, telecommuting, remote meetings - these are the new normal.. Social Distancing has resulted in a need for all skilled workers to be able to communicate

Best Practices for Webex Meetings. The person who schedules the meeting is usually the host. Hosts have access to functionality that allows them to manage and moderate the meeting, for example they can record the meeting for others to view afterwards and mute other participants if there’s unwanted noise. Webex Success: Best Practices | Mississippi State University Webex Success: Best Practices. October 2, 2020 10:00 am to 11:00 am About this event. In this online workshop, participants will learn how to set up a meeting, use start-up tools to effectively manage a class, share a screen and much more using Webex. Register for free. Details. Type. Workshop Webex Events: Best Practices for Hosting and Attending a Webex


Video conferencing best practices | Office of CyberSecurity WebEx Best Practices: Auto Lock Personal Room for secure meetings: Set your Personal Room to automatically lock when your meeting starts. CISCO recommends locking your room at 0 minutes. From the Classic View, this can be done from My Webex > Preferences > My Personal Room on your Webex site. From Modern View, go to Preferences > My Personal Room. 20+ Best Practices: How to Create Pro Webinar

Jul 20, 2020

Article - Webex Meetings Best Practices What are some best practices and etiquette tips for Webex meeting hosts and participants. Answer. Host Best Practices. Join early to allow time to troubleshoot and setup presentation (if necessary). Utilize the Mute On Entry feature - this prevents participants from having their audio automatically connect upon joining the meeting and limits noise.